"Our style is identical to none. In fact, it's very rarely similar to our own."

With a one-on-one-off rotation policy, wide-ranging musical tastes, and a disjointed, brutally haphazard approach to the DJ mix you never know what's coming next when CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix hit the decks. This eclectic collective, famed for their boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm, have smashed every type of crowd and venue they've played with incredibly entertaining music and good times assured

"Our sets present an appetising mix of accessibility and diversity - where hidden disco beauties sit amongst the big beat breakers, frickety fresh hip hop and dnb floor quakers, jump up 90s dance marries indie electro cult-makers, from classic funk to current underground rump shakers - nothing is sacred.  The six of us bouncing around behind the decks, basically getting off on each other’s music, is infectious and never fails to get a crowd rocking."

CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix are well known across the North West, supporting world class DJs such as Norman Jay, Mr Scruff, 2ManyDJs, and Craig Charles on the way to securing their recent gig, rocking Chibuku, Liverpool's biggest club night.   The Mixnot massive also carry the title 'festival specialists' and in 2009 the Mixnots travelled to Malawi, Africa to play at the fantastic Lake of Stars festival and 2010 saw a third successive booking at both Standon Calling and Creamfields in what was another summer of festival smashing for the funkateers a la CMWMSMDM.

Here is what the fans and critics have been saying about the show…

“They created a proper party vibe to the festival and had the crowd 
begging for one more at the end.”  ~ Creamfields 2008 (4clubbers.net)

"They've even got the name sorted: CantMixWontMixShdntMixDontMix.  That name is as far from the truth as you can imagine - these guys know exactly what they're doing."   ~ The Metro

“They had the whole tent heaving with bodies as they churned out
 the best tunes from all eras and musical genres.”  ~ Standon Calling 2009 (efestivals.co.uk)

“The highlight’s definitely been dancing at 4am to CantMixWontMix whilst the sun comes up over Lake Malawi.  It’s been brilliant.”  - Lake of Stars 2009 (Emily from Vancouver on BBC World Service) (Clubs feature Aug 2008)


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